Promotion celebrations and the ball resting in forchheim

promotion celebrations and the ball resting in forchheim

Promotion is one of the most rewarding experiences in an athlete’s amateur career. After the decision on the field, there is often a car parade through the neighboring villages, followed by a lavish celebration in the sports center. During the exit restriction falls flat.

Relegation hangs over professional and amateur athletes alike for a long time. However, it is usually the fair result of a weak season. Not so in times of corona crisis. While soccer and handball players live in uncertainty about a continuation of the season, in some sports the end was officially announced – with different effects. Three examples from basketball, volleyball and table tennis.

Eggolsheim remains in the bavarian league

For the regional leagues as well as the bezirksoberliga abwarts, the responsible basketball associations had announced in mid march that the season would be cancelled. The teams from the divisions in between had to be patient for a few more days, then, for example, the players from DJK eggolsheim also knew that the outstanding three games in the bayernliga nord would no longer be played. Again, about a week later, the decision on promotion and relegation was made.

After a telephone conference of the representatives of all bavarian league teams with game director robert daumann, it is clear: the tables at the time of the corona break on the 13th are the most important. Marz. Although eggolsheim was in last place, it managed to stay in the league. The reason for this is a specific rule according to which only the finalists of the three bavarian leagues are sure to be relegated. In the northern division, it is not DJK, but spvgg rattelsdorf, which withdrew before the start of the season and was placed at the bottom of the table. The other teams to be relegated – this year an additional four teams – will be decided by a coefficient based on the number of games played and points earned.

And there love the team of coach carsten rchter enough rivals of the other two seasons behind them. "Although we are glad that bavarian league basketball will continue to be played in eggolsheim, we were happy to have contested the three encounters. Even with the risk of still being relegated. We were in the auarttrend and thought we would be able to keep our place in the league", says the 30-year-old.

Richter wants to continue in office in 2020/21, and has set himself a deadline for a decision by mid-june, because: "I am the sports director at BBC coburg and have to decide whether my main job is compatible with the position of coach in eggolsheim, explains the rattelsdorfer. The cooperation with TTL bamberg will be continued in any case, and possibly younger players from the partner will follow suit.

Effeltrich wants hardfall regulation

While there are fixed match days in most sports and the tables are therefore largely meaningful, the number of matches played in table tennis is often far apart. Also in the upper leagues. The consequence: the spvgg effeltrich must as the last of the 3. Bundesliga sud down, although the competitor at the saving shore has two games, but only three points more on the account. Therefore, the club filed an appeal in due time.

"It would not have been unrealistic that we still make it", captain alexander rattassep reminds of last season’s race to catch up. "In the other three of the top four leagues there is no comparable case. Therefore, we hope for an exception", says the 27-year-old. After three years in the bundesliga, the spvgg is at an important threshold, because effeltrich had to play six instead of four in the regional league.

Since the possible relegation was already a topic for a long time, the planning ran anyway double-tracked. "We have spoken with all players and also asked players from the second, whether they were printed up", reports the nurnberger, who is confident that he will also be able to make a name for himself in the 4. League to be able to provide a team. He, martin guman and marius zaus remain on board. Yutaka kashiwa and ryu hiruta, who has not been used for effeltrich so far, have signed readiness. Only ali ghallab’s future is uncertain.

Three promotions in neunkirchen

The triple promotion celebration in neunkirchen falls flat not only because of the virus, but also because perhaps not all volleyball players exercise their right to do so. "The fourth team will definitely go into the district league", says TSV head of department sebastian lenz. The team had earned its promotion with 13 victories from 14 games in the district class of central franconia, north. At worst, they could have slipped to second place in the two remaining games, but the bavarian volleyball association announced that all teams that theoretically could have been promoted were entitled to do so.

The same for the second in the district league. "The team has an average age of mid/late 40s. Most of them used to play at a higher level and hardly have any ambitions anymore. The decisive factor is the mehrauand due to more playing days", explains lenz. The 38-year-old himself is middle blocker of the first team, which stood with a meeting and two payers less on place 2 of the landesliga northeast.

"Champion" YMCA arzberg already announced in january that it did not want to be promoted, in neunkirchen the decision was made before the deadline on the 30th of january. April not yet fallen. "In the bavarian league, we have to provide two referees for every ten games, otherwise we pay a fine of 100 euros per game. Moreover, we have to print 1300 euros from the outset, from which the other referees are paid", describes lenz the financial hurdles. In the lower divisions, the team responsible for the arbitration is always the one that is on break.

In addition, there are only individual matchdays in the bavarian league, whereas at least on the home matchdays there have been two games so far. From the point of view of the squad, lenz sees his team – with the exception of an additional center – rested. "At the moment it’s a case of waiting and speculating what the other teams will do", reports the neunkirchen.

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