Young people are the focus of attention

By the interaction of experience and diligence of the older ones, energy, curiosity of the youth and the love to the nature it succeeded also in this year in innumerable working hours to further improve the water ground and to keep the sensitive ecological balance with purposeful stocking and removal on a high level. Especially in today's very hectic, hectic and technical time, this hobby represents a healthy, decelerating, nature-loving antipole.

Special focus on youth work

A special focus of the club's management, under the auspices of stefan lieb, was once again not only on club cohesion, but also on youth work. With commitment, patience and many outdoor activities such as night fishing, game fishing, visits to trade fairs or targeted individual training in the various fishing methods, the young anglers were shaped into environmentally aware and knowledgeable anglers by the youth wardens and club professionals. This success, achieved by the club members, is reflected not only in the number of trophies and certificates awarded, but also in the care taken to ensure that the club's members do not lose out
dealing with the flora and fauna of the young members.

Several times this year, all age groups between 12 and 80 years met for these usually very early-beginning weddings. The association, which was founded in 1986, was also pleased to welcome a number of renowned and successful anglers, who also participated in its own events

The enjoyment of the hobby, skill and, of course, luck projected onto the fishing quotas. This is how jean pierre stoof secured the raubfischwanderpokal and the club champion's cup. The king's chain and the challenge cup of the ASV premich, which was donated by alfons zehe in 1988, went to manuel brand this year. There were many happy faces, friendly discussions and a delicious meal, which was rounded off by the christmas singing of the youth and the new members.

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