Hanngorg Zimmermann loses Georg land as boss in Gobweinstein

Hanngorg zimmermann loses georg land as boss in gobweinstein

Joy for hanngorg zimmermann (BMG), who was elected as the new mayor of gobweinstein with a clear result of 53.66 percent, and disappointment for georg lang (CSU), who was voted out of office as mayor with 46.34 percent.

The supporters of hanngorg zimmermann celebrated his election victory with great jubilation in the gasthof zum lowen, because it was their "hanni" had managed. At the CSU, on the other hand, printed mood and unbelievable amazement.

"I wish the market of gobweinstein with all my heart that it will continue well", said georg lang, who had been waiting for zimmermann in the town hall to congratulate him. Zimmermann was, however, at home with his wife iris, with whom he wanted to wait for the election results in the family circle. "Naturally, I am also disappointed, because many things have been done", says lang. Especially in gobweinstein and wichsenstein where he lost significantly. He wants to accept his mandate as an elected market town councilor. "I’m here for the people, not for vanity or anything else," he says, so long. He does not yet know how he will continue his career. "I have yet to clear it", says lang.

Personal moment
"I am simply overwhelmed and grateful and very happy", says zimmermann. His wife iris is also relieved. "She had tears of joy", says carpenter later. "It was a personal moment for us to be able to enjoy the election results together." he had not thought that he would win so clearly. "I am really speechless. I thank all the burgers of the whole market town. I am happy about the support and cohesion that I have received", explains zimmermann. He now has to clarify the modalities for the termination of his contract with his employer. Then he wants to talk to georg lang and the administration next.

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