Still no verdict against drug dealer

Still no verdict against drug dealer

Between november 2011 and february 2012, five times 500 grams of hashish are said to have changed hands in the southern district of kronach, each at a selling price of 3500 euros. In addition, the accused, who is of polish origin, is alleged to have sold small quantities of cocaine or hashish on further occasions during the same period.

The man from kersbach, who was represented by lawyer till wagler, has so far made no statements in court. His suspected partner, who is now serving a prison sentence and is also a drug addict like the defendant, had heavily incriminated him at the trial in december 2012. He had cooperated with the police in advance and had given concrete clues about the suspect. A business that the bamberger had "commissioned" the police should do with the accused, but he loves to burst, because he "cold fube" got.

Played the guardian
"i have been playing the role of a lookout for the drug companies. The drugs were packed in socks or fabric. The buyers were always two men in a white car with a coburg license plate", he had testified at that time. Wagler had questioned the truthfulness of the witness statement. He suspected that the witness for the prosecution was only trying to get a reduced sentence for his own trial. A fellow prisoner of the witness testified that he had already talked in prison about being released if he gave incriminating testimony. The most recent trial was interrupted due to the summoning of further witnesses.

Among them was the officer in charge, who had made the file evaluations on a laptop that had been seized from the defendant. He had restored them after they had been deleted. Since the files could not be clearly assigned in court, the officer was instructed to print out the evaluations at his office, mark them accordingly and send them to the kronach district court.

Drawing a line
the lawyer of the main witness, who had already represented him for other crimes, was also invited to the hearing. "My client wanted to testify against the defendant right from the start, but only if his own arrest warrant for a theft case was put on hold.", according to the defense lawyer, who was released from his obligation to maintain silence. His client had said that he wanted to put his drug past behind him and draw a line under it.

Judge claudia weilmunster set the date for the 20. February, 13.30 o’clock, new to. At the rescheduled hearing, the evaluations of the computer recordings will be a particular issue. Then the verdict is to be pronounced.

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