The stacked black sacks reach almost to the ceiling, and next to them are silver garbage cans from which colorful fabric scraps spill out. Jessica schreiber stands in the middle of it all and looks pleased, because all these scraps of material will not end up in the garbage bin.

For about three years, the 30-year-old has been fighting fashion mull in new york with her company "fabscrap" – and on wednesday (6.2.) the beginning of the spring version of the fashion week in the metropolis of millions is for them every time the main working time.

Hanngorg zimmermann loses georg land as boss in gobweinstein

Joy for hanngorg zimmermann (BMG), who was elected as the new mayor of gobweinstein with a clear result of 53.66 percent, and disappointment for georg lang (CSU), who was voted out of office as mayor with 46.34 percent.

The supporters of hanngorg zimmermann celebrated his election victory with great jubilation in the gasthof zum lowen, because it was their "hanni" had managed. At the CSU, on the other hand, printed mood and unbelievable amazement.

In the coalition poker between the union and the SPD, a preliminary decision is expected on thursday. Union and SPD meet in berlin at noon for their third round of exploratory talks. After that, the SPD will decide whether there are enough cuts to recommend the start of coalition negotiations to its party convention on sunday. Following the greens' rejection of a coalition with the union, a grand coalition is considered the most likely option, but the SPD expects concessions to be made during the exploratory talks.

From the union there are meanwhile first compromise signals. CSU leader horst seehofer declared himself ready to accept the minimum wage of 8.50 euros demanded by the SPD if the union also achieves decisive success in the talks. "For me, everything is outstanding: no tax increases and no new debts", he told the "suddeutsche zeitung".

private individuals and businesses can enhance habfurt's city center

Ulrike langer since last year, the entire downtown area of habfurt has been included in the urban development program "active urban districts and local centers". This means that in addition to the implementation of structural measures by the city, the active participation of private individuals is also desired. Therefore, the finance and main committee of the city council decided in its meeting on wednesday evening in the town hall to establish a project fund in the amount of 40000 euro for this year.

As robert barth from the city planning department explained, the project fund is intended to encourage private individuals to develop and implement their own ideas for redeveloping the city center together with the city. The integrated rural development concept is taken as a yardstick. The fund is to be used for small projects of up to 10,000 euros each. Every euro invested by private individuals or business people is matched by a euro from the public purse. The city of habfurt pays 40 cents, while the city construction takes over 60 cents. Therefore, the city must finance only 8000 euros of the total amount of 40 000 euros.

At the end of january, it still sounded as if there was a small chance of averting the worst-case scenario: in the coming weeks, he would work with the board of directors to find a "viable continuation solution" to preserve as many jobs as possible, klaus-christof ehrlicher said. The coburg specialist lawyer was appointed preliminary insolvency administrator after the arbeits- und sozial centrum oberer frankenwald (asco) filed for insolvency with the coburg district court.

What has broken down

Now it is clear: there will be no such solution. "Unfortunately, it is not possible to continue operations after the proceedings have been opened", ehrlicher announced in a press release on friday. The order situation simply does not allow for further employment of the 45 employees. March is the "weakest month in terms of sales, as activities in the gardening and landscaping sector cannot be planned due to weather conditions", declares insolvency administrator ehrlicher.

"My uncle johann beitzinger was the husband of the owner of the schneidmuhle, anna beitzinger. He said that in 1916, when he was on his way from lahm to finkenmuhle, he saw smoke rising from lahm’s kremnitzschneidmuhle on the way back. The muhle burned down to the ground", tells josef beitzinger, who lives in rothenkirchen. Because of the war years from 1914 to 1918 one had not been able to undertake a reconstruction. "My uncle was called up to the front. When he came home from the war, other work was more important", explains the local historian. Since times of inflation had been added, the schneidmuhle remained a ruin. It was not built up anymore.

"After consultation with the landowner michael schneider, the frankenwaldverein and the arbeitskreis fur heimatpflege, i decided to put up a plaque at the former muhle. The plaque is intended to commemorate the small industrial monument in the kremnitz valley", so josef beitzinger. The drawing was made by peter grebner from rothenkirchen. It was designed by trebes design from kehlbach, germany. The modern einodwustung can still be located today. The muhlteich (protection), muhlgraben and foundations are visible.

Moritz gotze is an artist with seemingly inexhaustible creative power. From silk-screen printing to objects, from painting to enamel art – gotze is remarkably versatile, without becoming arbitrary in this diversity. At first glance, his art appears to be unabashedly popular, and yet it is more backgrounded and complex than the casual observer might think.

Versatile creation

"Moments of happiness is the title of a rough exhibition presented by moritz gotze at the kunstverein coburg. Enamel art and painting, graphics and drawing – the show provides an insight into many areas of his work.

What happens when the electricity supplier goes bankrupt??

50,000 customers – at least that’s the figure given by the federal association of energy consumers. DEG went bankrupt at the end of last year. The mainleus market was also a DEG electricity customer.

"We were affected", confirms head of building office hans-georg busch, who speaks of a novelty. Now the municipality has to look for a new supplier. The municipal council decides who will be responsible for this.

A new runway and a new company

Five million euros have been earmarked by the city for the improvement of the brandenstein airfield. The first step has already been taken: the six masts of the new approach lighting system are in place; next week, they are to be approved by the northern bavaria aviation authority. Then instrument flight is possible on the brandenstein level indefinitely. From next year, the runway and all the light signals will also be renewed. The gas station will be enlarged; in any case it will get new dispensers. Whether the earth tanks can continue to be used must be investigated. In addition, a "northern access road" is to be built to the hangars are built, so that the cars no longer have to cross the apron here.

Work should be completed by mid-2021. Kathrin belsner from the CDM consulting office did not want to be more specific, as the individual projects are to be requested for funding. Only when these funds have been approved can construction begin. The aim is also to close the airfield for as short a time as possible, i.E. Only during the renovation of the runway. That is why all construction sites should be completed at the same time as possible.

According to the police, the accident occurred at about 15.30 o'clock on the roadway in the direction of nurnberg between the junction buttenheim and the parking lot regnitztal to the momentous collision. The 43-year-old driver of a VW passat hit another VW in front at a very high speed for reasons as yet unknown. Due to the force of the impact, the car in front skidded into the bushes, overturned and flipped over. The 66-year-old man from the district of furth, who was driving the car, succumbed to his injuries at the scene of the accident. His female passenger was seriously injured.

60.000 euros in property damage