Grune strongest force for the first time – spd in free fall

For the first time, the greens have knocked the union out of first place in a poll for the bundestag elections. In the RTL and n-tv forsa trend barometer, the greens gained 9 percentage points a week after their landslide success in the european elections to land at 27 percent.

CDU and CSU are only just behind with 26 percent (minus 2 compared to the previous week).

After its historic election defeat last sunday, the SPD falls by 5 points to 12 percent – a historic low. It is now only one point ahead of the afd with 11 percent (minus 2). Behind them came the FDP with 8 (unchanged) and the left with 7 percent (minus 1).

The poll took place between the 27. And the 31. May, i.E. Immediately after the european elections, took place. After that, the greens even had two options for forming a government: with the CDU/CSU, they had a clear majority, and with the SPD and the left, they still had a razor-thin majority.

The greens had become the second strongest force for the first time in the european elections with 20.5 percent of the vote. The CDU/CSU and SPD, on the other hand, had their worst results ever, with 28.9 percent and 15.8 percent, respectively.

In the SPD, the election has triggered a debate about the future of party and faction leader andrea nahles, which could come to a showdown next tuesday. Then nahles wants to stand for election in the bundestag parliamentary group ahead of schedule. So far there is no opposing candidate. If nahles fails, she could also resign as party leader.

According to a report in the "suddeutsche zeitung", several top SPD politicians backed nahles in a joint appeal. "The massive public criticism of andrea nahles is unfair," it says in a joint statement by vice chancellor olaf scholz, the minister presidents of rhineland-palatinate and mecklenburg-western pomerania, malu dreyer and manuela schwesig, the state leaders of bavaria and hesse, natascha kohnen and thorsten schafer-gumbel, and the head of the schleswig-holstein parliamentary group, ralf stegner. They call for solidarity with nahles. After all, she had taken over the presidency of the party "in a very difficult phase".

The effects of the SPD leadership crisis on the grand coalition are not yet foreseeable. The bavarian SPD has made a basic pension without a pension vesting period and a new climate protection law the conditions for the continuation of the grand coalition in the federal government. "Only with such decisions?It would appear to be a?At all mo?Plainly, in september u?For a continuation?The state chairwoman, natascha kohnen, published a resolution of the state SPD executive board on her facebook page stating that "it is important to discuss the formation of a grand coalition.

The report also called for the federal party conference to be brought forward to september. This should, as for?R december planned, u?On the continuation of the?The party leadership must decide on the future of the coalition and re-evaluate the party executive board?Hlen. "The SPD must submit its proposals by the federal party conference?Ge to the social and o?Ecological renewal to be summarized in a number of key points?Lead, in principle?He believes that the key questions, as well as the unanswered partial questions, must be answered?Ssen kla?Rt", it continues.

SPD parliamentarian bernd westphal told the "rheinische post" (saturday) that he does not see a majority for nahles on tuesday. "I hear this from many SPD members, but also from the party base, who are calling for a new beginning without andrea nahles."Even if no opposing candidate comes forward by tuesday, nahles can be replaced. "Either she takes responsibility for the losses in the european elections herself and resigns before then. Or she has to take a beating on tuesday," said westphal. "Then another candidate will make himself or herself available."

Addressing the conditions for the continuation of the grand coalition, union faction leader ralph brinkhaus urged prudence. He advises all parties involved to "remain calm even in the face of declining poll results" and to work through the coalition agreement. "And now not to bring an artificial unrest into it," brinkhaus told RTL/n-tv.

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