France Switzerland: house builder without phone and internet for three months

france switzerland: house builder without phone and internet for three months

A quarter of a year kathrin pantle and martin held, jessica kiesant with her life companion dominik, his brother philipp with wife anja malbrich live meanwhile in their new homes and still have no telephone connection and thus no internet. And this despite the fact that this was already requested in february 2018 and is urgently needed professionally by all of the now three families living there. Two days ago, kathrin pantle and martin held received another letter from telekom. As a rule, it only takes a few days for the same letter to reach the other families. Not with the longed-for content that the telephone connection and thus internet are finally switched on, but a standard letter with the note, due to extensive civil engineering works in your connection area everything was delayed. The final date is now mid march. Thereby civil engineering works are no longer necessary. The three couples have had enough. "We wanted telekom to change over immediately and not delay us from month to month", says martin held. He already lived in hiltpoltstein before building the house. To keep the phone number in the new home, he pays monthly fees of 47 euros – without anything working.

Work at home in the evening

The system integrator, however, needs the connection professionally. "My employer works 24 hours a day, seven days a week", explained held that even in the evening work can be necessary. For this he needs internet access.

Small box as a substitute

The small box, a mobile router that all three families received as a replacement, is called "magenta zuhause schnellstart" and allows them a data volume of 30 GB. "I feel like I’ve been transported back to the stone age. It takes time for a page to load", martin held complains . In addition, he cannot connect the mobile router to his network. It is impossible to work with it. Vocational training is also made more difficult for anja and jessica. Anja is a pediatric nurse and cares for severely disabled children in the district of forchheim. She is currently undergoing further training in order to be able to work in family counseling. "These are online seminars with videos", stresses anja, who can’t participate because the data volume is used up too quickly. You also receive your service schedule online and have to send your bills the same way. A thing of impossibility.

Home office

Kathrin is a business economist and works several days a month in the home office. "The line is too unstable for skype meetings", says kathrin. Professional work is also not feasible for them at the moment. And jessica is a tax specialist and accountant. She is currently taking the tax consultant course. She gets the documents online and cannot read them. "I’ll probably have to take a year off", jessica laments the loss of time. She also finances her studies out of her own pocket. Learning about the mobile internet doesn’t help anja, because mobile reception there is a crapshoot. Now she has neither a telephone connection nor internet nor mobile reception. "If something happened, i couldn’t even call a doctor", says anja. "It’s also a strong comfort invader", says martin held. Families pay 30 euros a month for streaming services without actually being able to use them. It takes minutes to load a minute of film, if there is any data volume left at all.

Dusted again

Now the first family has been evicted again, although a "de-escalation team" has been working there since christmas the company has taken on the matter so that the families don’t always have to check with the telekom. "Telephone is a fundamental right, says martin, who like the other couples in the "hofmannsgarten" finally want phone and internet so they can do their jobs and enjoy their free time. Even telekom is not yet able to say exactly why these delays are occurring. Many areas are involved in processes such as the development and provision in a new construction area. External companies are also involved in the long process chain. There were probably delays there, too. "There are a lot of players involved, it doesn’t make it easier", explains christian schwolow, telekom’s press officer, who worked intensively on this case for three days. The employees had now worked at high pressure and created the technical prerequisites. A technician must probably once again on site. "We have removed the cow from the ice. Tuesday or wednesday next week the builders will have internet", schwolow explains. He promises to pursue this case to its happy end.

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