Moritz gotze is an artist with seemingly inexhaustible creative power. From silk-screen printing to objects, from painting to enamel art – gotze is remarkably versatile, without becoming arbitrary in this diversity. At first glance, his art appears to be unabashedly popular, and yet it is more backgrounded and complex than the casual observer might think.

Versatile creation

"Moments of happiness is the title of a rough exhibition presented by moritz gotze at the kunstverein coburg. Enamel art and painting, graphics and drawing – the show provides an insight into many areas of his work.

A new runway and a new company

Five million euros have been earmarked by the city for the improvement of the brandenstein airfield. The first step has already been taken: the six masts of the new approach lighting system are in place; next week, they are to be approved by the northern bavaria aviation authority. Then instrument flight is possible on the brandenstein level indefinitely. From next year, the runway and all the light signals will also be renewed. The gas station will be enlarged; in any case it will get new dispensers. Whether the earth tanks can continue to be used must be investigated. In addition, a "northern access road" is to be built to the hangars are built, so that the cars no longer have to cross the apron here.

Work should be completed by mid-2021. Kathrin belsner from the CDM consulting office did not want to be more specific, as the individual projects are to be requested for funding. Only when these funds have been approved can construction begin. The aim is also to close the airfield for as short a time as possible, i.E. Only during the renovation of the runway. That is why all construction sites should be completed at the same time as possible.

According to the police, the accident occurred at about 15.30 o'clock on the roadway in the direction of nurnberg between the junction buttenheim and the parking lot regnitztal to the momentous collision. The 43-year-old driver of a VW passat hit another VW in front at a very high speed for reasons as yet unknown. Due to the force of the impact, the car in front skidded into the bushes, overturned and flipped over. The 66-year-old man from the district of furth, who was driving the car, succumbed to his injuries at the scene of the accident. His female passenger was seriously injured.

60.000 euros in property damage

Buses for local public transport are a successful concept in the district of erlangen-hochstadt. This is especially true for line 200, the herzo express between erlangen and herzogenaurach. More and more employees of herzogenaurach's major companies are using them.
"We have scored a hit", alexander tritthart (CSU), the district administrator, commented on the line, which mainly intercepts rush hours, in the district committee on monday. From december, it was planned, it will be increased. But even now, buses can travel between 8 and 8.30 o'clock no longer take everyone. Verstarker buses will be deployed with immediate effect.
"A step up the ladder, herzogenaurach's mayor german hacker (SPD) described the "exorbitant growth rates". He immediately asked whether the capacity for line 199 was sufficient. This line connects the north of nurnberg to erlangen and herzogenaurach. Hacker sees the reasons for the change primarily in the "hard rush hours" around herzogenaurach. An hour at the exit of the freeway is not uncommon; even the double-lane city bypass is often no longer sufficient.
"It's great that we can be so flexible", praised wolfgang hirschmann (grune). He hopes that it will be possible on other lines as well, if necessary, as long as the contracts with the bus companies are in place.

Extend to other lines

the district council sees such opportunities, because the bus service will become an independent operation of the district. "Nothing is carved in concrete", he showed openness to new developments. Gerald brehm (), the mayor of hochstadt, called for marketing measures for other lines so that they, too, could benefit from the "outstanding development were able to profit. Line 205 is in the auind. The closer contact is gladly accepted. The female about rottenbach's mayor ludwig wahl () from burger surveys.
The switch from diesel to e-buses will still take time. The problem, according to tritthart, is the current range of 300 to 400 kilometers. In contrast, the distances that buses have to travel in a flat county. The line between erlangen and hochstadt is served 130 times a day. That's 3900 kilometers a day. According to tritthart, if loading times are taken into account, the cycle times could not be maintained. In addition, at 600,000 to 700,000 euros, electric buses are almost three times as expensive as diesel vehicles according to euro standard VI.
At the moment, you have to rely on the fact that the emissions from bus transport are significantly lower than those from cars. The district hopes to soon become a model region for e-bus transport anyway.

Criticism and ridicule for spahn's call for 'law and order

With his demand for more “law and order” in germany, federal health minister jens spahn (CDU) has caused trouble. North rhine-westphalia’s interior minister herbert reul, a party colleague of spahn’s, reacted in a huff.

“You don”t improve internal security with interviews and slogans, but by tackling and changing things,” reul emphasized in dusseldorf.

Erlangen scout home goes up in flames

Helmut wening is appalled. The erlanger man is a member of the scouts of the asgard tribe and is standing in front of the burning clubhouse of the tribe in kurt-schumacher-strabe. "This is the end he mumbles before taking a closer look at the extent of the damage. And that is enormous. The entire blockhutte, including its inventory, was consumed by flames.

Around one o'clock, the erlanger main station and the task forces of the volunteer fire department were alerted. Initially it had been reported that the clubhouse of the model builders was on fire. But it had hit the neighbor: the scouts lost their house.

The old construction is used to capacity

The rough concept for the renovation and expansion of the wilhelm hegler sports hall is ready: the municipal council approved the planning draft presented by architect johannes messerschmitt.The building will have a gable roof on which a photovoltaic and/or solar system can be installed. A coarser playing field with a coarser ceiling height, a second tribune on the upper floor, a pellet heating system with radiant ceiling heaters and extensive adaptations were created to new requirements of energy saving and fire protection.

Mayor siegfried erhard (CSU) stressed that the renovation of the sports facility was overdue after 28 years of intensive use. The hall is often overcrowded and for some sports it is too small and too low. After the first concepts it turned out that the planning has to be carried out with a european-wide architectural tender. In the meantime, a jury of experts examined the results and entrusted the planning to architekturburo messerschmitt (bad kissingen).

More accidents, fewer injuries in the district of bad kissingen

Six people killed in traffic accidents in county. There were 1142 wildlife accidents on the country roads. Many children injured in accidents.Crashes in the district have been on the increase for years. "After a low of 2677 accidents in 2014, the number of traffic accidents recorded in the entire district of bad kissingen rose to a total of 3185 in the following years", police officer lothar manger summarizes the statistics for the country roads. As a traffic officer, he evaluates the figures for the three police inspectorates (pis) in the district. His record: more accidents, but fewer injuries. The number of traffic fatalities on rural roads also declined: from five in 2016 to four in 2017. However, because two people died on the two highways after a year without traffic fatalities (see report below), there was a total of one more traffic fatality in the county.

More accidents involving children

The number of injuries on the roads fell from 491 to 454, a decrease of 7.5 percent. However, there is a contrary trend in accidents involving children: after ten accidents involving people up to 14 years of age in 2016, there were 17 accidents last year. Manger doesn't know the reason for the development either: "there is no clear cause for the accidents involving children and no explanation as to why there are more of them."
It all started with the child accidents a year ago in pfaffenhausen: on 25. March, a five-year-old was hit by a car backing out of a parking lot and suffered blunt pelvic trauma.

Nurnberg's debacle puts wiesinger in trouble

The day after the collective experience of frustration, the 1. FC nurnberg spellbound silence. The club’s superiors drove up to the club grounds a few hours after the 0:5 home debacle against hamburger SV and disappeared behind closed doors.

There, besides the desolate sporting situation, the future of coach michael wiesinger was the first topic of conversation. The 40-year-old is worried about losing his job, and even the sports director martin bader, who has always been loyal to auben, no longer has his back.

Bus driver given a black eye

In august 2018, a bus driver took a beating at kulmbach train station. Among other things he got a fist on the eye. Now the incident was heard in the kulmbach district court.

A 31-year-old from plauen got on the bus to kulmbach, but refused to get off at the terminus. After some coaxing, he left the bus after all, only to get back on again shortly afterwards and attack the driver for no apparent reason.